Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Initial Background idea

This are the base example of the world i would be building but this are from my old work and ill be making better ones that can be use for the game.

Inside the maid hub

The main world.



Cause logic...

Hey there!

Hey there I'm the PR Woman this shit is what I sort! Post everything you make and I'll be making the making of document aka the book that we will be publishing eventually!

Me right now ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ waiting on you people........

Lead Program and Chief HR

Hi I'm the lead programmer and go to HR guy, and I would like to blow my brains out! But anyway, if you have any knowledge in Game Dev, contact me with your portfolio/example project!



I am the person doing the back ground design as well as probably doing the modelling for the background.

Its nice to be working with you people!